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andré rios


Graphic Design Portfolio [Case study]

I developed my current graphic design portfolio as a case study for a conceptual company.


Having a strong background in fine arts, I specialize in image manipulation, creating unique images with AI and Photoshop that are often used in marketing campaigns to promote a brand and their products and all of the images in the portfolio were created from scratch using photography, AI and advanced photo editing.


This presentation showcase my skills as well as the thought process behind my designs.


Logo design

unique vector logos


VALVET  [About the company]

VALVET is manufacturer of electric guitar amplifiers.

Their slogan is: "Harness the power, embrace precision".

Their logo will be used physically and digitally and needs to communicate power and precision. We are also aiming for a modern and industrial look that appeals to a wide range of musicians.

The logo will be printed on their product as well on all of the various digital and printable assets.

Logo [Shape]

I designed a logo with strong and bold shapes with the intention to communicate the brand's main concepts, power and precision.

I made sure that the design stands out from the competitors and can be used to suit various applications.


Logo  [Colors]

Red representing the power and black the precision.


This combination works well with a light background and a white version can be used on a dark background.

Logo  [Mockups]

Mockups simulate the designs on a physical environment and help visualizing the logo on it's various applications.

Although this can be very simple to create, mockups can even sometimes make us look in a different way to the design and even find possible design issues that may occur.

Although I can easily just download and apply a standard template, I love to create my unique mockups from scratch using photos and AI and get the perfect shot to present the designs to my clients in a personalized way.

Brand guide

a coherent style across applications

Brand Guide

Website design

building an online home for a brand


Designing a Website

Having a well-designed website is crucial in today's digital age, where online presence has become increasingly important for businesses and individuals alike.

It is important to understand the principles of user interface design, color theory, typography, and layout, which are essential in creating a professional and aesthetically pleasing website.

With Adobe XD I designed many websites for the most diverse sectors and I really love to combine strategic structures with creative ideas and unique imagery using Photoshop and AI.

Laptop mockup.png

Email Signature

a professional email design

A professional signature to your communications

A well-designed email signature not only adds a touch of professionalism to every communication but also enhances credibility and trustworthiness. A professional email signature showcases a person's or organization's brand identity, promoting consistency and professionalism across all interactions.

In my work as graphic designer I developed many email signatures for numerous companies using Adobe XD to be sliced and coded later on by the developers.

email mockup.png
Phone mockup.png

Creative images

unique images for promotions and ad campaigns

Creative Images

From photo manipulation to AI

Creative and unique images play a vital role in promoting a brand. In today's visually-driven world, where attention spans are shorter than ever, captivating visuals are essential to capture the audience's interest and make a lasting impression. These images have the power to communicate the essence of a brand, its values, and its unique offerings in an instant.


I have worked with photo manipulation for 15+ years and now with the new AI tools such as Midjourney and Adobe Firefly I'm not only able to create unique creative images but I'm also to work faster than ever!