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"Art is not just a creative medium. It’s a way of life and a form of expression that transcends boundaries and connects us all." - André Rios

Hi! My name is André.

I was born in Portugal in 1986 and I currently live and work in the Netherlands.

Art has always been my passion and I studied in various art and design courses.


  • Communication design at ESAD (Matosinhos)

  • Fine arts at FBAUL (Lisboa)

  • Product design at Lusíada (Porto)

As an artist living and working in the Netherlands, I am fortunate to be immersed in a thriving creative scene that constantly inspires me.

In my graphic design career, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse clients from various industries. Whether it's designing logos, branding materials, or creating visually appealing websites. The structured problem-solving mindset I employed as a graphic designer often finds its way into my artistic process.

In parallel to my graphic design work, I have always dedicated myself to pursuing a fine art career and now in the Netherlands I work as a full time artist. The Netherlands' rich artistic heritage and vibrant contemporary art scene have provided me with endless opportunities and inspiration.

Living and working in the Netherlands as an artist has been a dream come true. The country's progressive mindset, emphasis and appreciation of the arts has nurtured my growth and allowed me to thrive creatively. I look forward to the continued exploration of my passion and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead on my artistic path.

Awards & Exhibitions


2023 [Present] - Galerie Montulet, Den Haag, Netherlands [Exhibiting In|Square collection]

2022 - Clairefontaine_france, France [Artist of the month]

2022 - "AJC", Santa Joana Museum, Aveiro, Portugal [Finalist]

2022 - "The art of André Rios" - Ponto 2, Porto, Portugal [Solo exhibition]

2021 - "Luxembourg Art Prize" - Artistic Achievement Recognition | Luxembourg

2021 - "In|Square" - Ponto 2, Porto, Portugal [Solo exhibition]

2021 - "Coletiva 21" - Exposição coletiva de Artes Plásticas | Argoncilhe

2020 - "Luxembourg Art Prize" - Artistic Achievement Recognition | Luxembourg

2020 - "AJC", Santa Joana Museum, Aveiro, Portugal [Finalist]

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