Hi! My name is André Rios

I was born in Portugal in 1986 and this is where I live and work.

Art has always been my passion and I studied in several art and design courses.

Not having found the kind of teaching I was looking for, I decided to become self-taught and develop my own artistic techniques.

Within the realistic aspect of my work, I draw with soft pastels and the aesthetic I am creating lies between surrealism and hyper-realism and is characterized by the fragmentation of realistic images with geometric shapes and develops around concepts such as reality and perception.

The other language of my work is textural abstract art in which I explore the most diverse textures, both organic and geometric, to create unique sensory pieces.

At the moment I am looking to expand my art internationally and make my work known to the world.



Solo Exhibitions

2022 - "Arte Textural" Ponto2, Porto

2021 - "EM|QUADRADO" Ponto2, Porto

Group Exhibitions

2021 - Exposição Coletiva de Artes Plásticas 21, Argoncilhe


2022 - Finalist, Aveiro Jovem Criador

2019 - Finalist, Aveiro Jovem Criador

2018 - Finalist, Aveiro Jovem Criador


2021 - Artist of The Month by Clairefontaine Officiel