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Original pastel artworks by André Rios.

Logout Final 2.jpg


The increasing use of social media has sparked a profound shift in human perception, altering the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us.


With the constant exposure to carefully curated images and narratives, individuals have become more prone to comparing themselves to idealized standards and seeking validation through likes and comments. This has given rise to an era of self-consciousness and heightened self-awareness, often leading to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

"Logout" is a representation of what implies to escape the digital world.

In a reality where we are becoming increasingly isolated from one another leaving the digital media is like a suicide.


We are expected to be there and keep posting content to let others know that we are alive.

But we are already merged with the digital and a great part of ourselves is not made of cells but pixels.

"Logout" 100x70cm | Pastel | 2022

In|Square Collection


About my In|Square series

The art I currently develop within my In|Square series intends to express my personal reflections on our inescapable immersion with technology.
As the digital world expands its dominion, what was once familiar and tangible dissolves, the boundaries between truth and fiction blur, as the line between the real and the simulated becomes increasingly indistinguishable.

The disintegration of the real world, occurring gradually and insidiously, forces us to confront profound questions about the nature of our existence and our relationship with the technological marvels we have created. It impels us to reconsider the significance of tangible experience, the primacy of genuine connections, and the ethical implications of embracing a world detached from the foundations of our humanity.

Within this enigmatic landscape, we are tasked with the formidable challenge of navigating the interplay between the tangible and the digital, seeking harmony in an increasingly fragmented reality.

In these artworks the juxtaposition of hyper-realism and "pixelation" serves as a powerful visual metaphor, underscoring the artificiality and transient nature of our experiences within the digital world.

These artworks invite everyone to question the authenticity and integrity of the world they inhabit, urging them to confront the profound implications of living in a reality where truth itself seems fragmented and elusive.

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