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My Artistic Inspiration

Updated: Apr 5

I've gone through various artistic phases, with my sources of inspiration constantly evolving. From a very young age, I had a stronger fascination with art materials compared to other kids. The materials themselves intrigued me, and as I matured, I developed a deep appreciation for Japanese anime art. I spent a considerable amount of time collecting anime cards and replicating the drawings from those prints.

During my college years, I pursued art courses and attended art classes. While subjects like art history didn't captivate me, I was immensely passionate about drawing, particularly with graphite and colored pencils. During this phase, I drew inspiration from figurative art and artists like Salvador Dali and Michelangelo. My drawings often carried a somewhat aggressive tone, featuring monstrous creatures from my imagination. I drew inspiration from anime, video games, and sci-fi and fantasy movies.

Soon after, I ventured into portrait commissions, honing my graphite technique in a realistic style. It didn't take long before I began exploring the realms of oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

Most recently, my journey of self-discovery and my work with pastels have opened me up to finding inspiration in practically anything. I now perceive that everything is intricately interconnected at a profound level, allowing me to draw inspiration from a wider array of sources.


For a long time, I grappled with the notion of creating art solely for the sake of aesthetics or trends but along the way I became deeply committed to aligning my thoughts and actions in my art, pursuing something that felt true and meaningful to me. This inner struggle led me to question the authenticity of my work, and I found myself at a creative impasse.

In my quest for sincerity and genuine expression, I embarked on a journey of psychedelic experimentation, searching for deeper meaning and inspiration. While the idea of using psychedelics may seem unconventional, it was a conscious decision to explore altered states of consciousness as a means to reconnect with my true self and artistic voice.

During one particularly transformative experience, I had a profound realization. It became clear to me that authenticity in art was not about avoiding certain techniques or styles but about aligning my creative process with my genuine emotions, experiences, and beliefs. It wasn't about making "fake art" but about infusing every stroke, color, and composition with the sincerity of my inner world.

This revelation completely shifted my perspective on art-making. It liberated me from the fear of producing insincere work and allowed me to embrace various artistic influences without compromising my authenticity. I began to view external sources of inspiration not as threats to my artistic integrity but as tools to enhance my creative process.

From that moment on, I approached my art with a newfound sense of freedom and openness. I was able to draw inspiration from unexpected sources, whether it be the natural world, literature, or even everyday life experiences. Each of these influences became a canvas through which I could channel my own thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a way that felt genuine and meaningful.


Beyond the conventional advice such as visiting museums, attending concerts, taking workshops, reading, or experiencing love, I would propose a different perspective. It involves seeking clarity in your existence. This entails not only understanding your immediate surroundings but also placing yourself within the larger narrative of your life. It requires profound introspection to discern what you truly comprehend and what remains unknown, urging you to be utterly honest with yourself.

Creating a visually appealing image isn't sufficient. Even if your artwork garners thousands of likes on social media, there can be an underlying sense of emptiness. I advocate for setting your sights higher, reaching for the loftiest heights imaginable. Ultimately, the way you lead your life profoundly influences the art you produce.


Every single thing I encounter or experience in the physical world has the potential to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for me. As I engage with these experiences, my mind naturally drifts into the realm of deep imagination. Whether I'm lost in the melodies of music, engrossed in a podcast, or simply going about my everyday chores, my thoughts often take center stage. These thoughts are like raw materials, elements of nature waiting to be observed, and it's my perceptions of them that shapes my understanding.

The reason I sometimes struggle to see the many facets of these thoughts is because I tend to judge them. However, when I take a step back, I realize that these thoughts are teeming with possibilities, each offering its own unique source of inspiration that I can draw upon in my creative journey.


In conclusion, my artistic journey has been a winding path of evolution, from childhood fascination with art materials to a deep dive into anime, figurative art, and various mediums. However, it was a profound and unconventional experience that led me to a breakthrough in my creative process. By exploring altered states of consciousness, I discovered that authenticity in art isn't about avoiding external influences, but about aligning my creative process with my genuine emotions and beliefs. This revelation liberated me, allowing me to draw inspiration from unexpected sources and infuse every stroke with the sincerity of my inner world. For aspiring artists searching for their unique voice, I encourage deep introspection and a commitment to aligning your life with your art. In my world, everyday experiences and observations are the wellspring of inspiration, waiting to be harnessed and transformed through the lens of creativity. Embracing the interconnectedness of existence and allowing your thoughts to flow freely can truly set your art free, making it a reflection of your most genuine self.


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