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André Rios Art

My name is André and I'm a portuguese pastel artist based in the Netherlands.

Throughout my art career I developed the interest for the realist aesthetic and currently I create original pastel drawings from wildlife and still-life to portraiture.

My love for pastels also led me to teach my pastel techniques in workshops all over the Netherlands and I also teach pastel courses & lessons. In my classes I'm committed to make upcoming artists to discover their own passion for the pastel medium and provide them with the tools to express their own vision and discover the true purpose or Art.


Browse my artworks from realist pastel paintings or my original pastel drawings



Realistic pastel artworks from wildlife to still-life paintings and drawings.



Original series of pastel drawings inspired by modern technology.


Upcoming Workshops

Pastel painting & drawing workshops


In Waves

Pastel Painting Workshop


Summer Sunset

Pastel Painting Workshop


In The Clouds

Pastel Painting Workshop


Talens 125 Year

Pastel Drawing Workshop

The Pastel Club

With André Rios

The pastel club is a place where you can gather with fellow students and amateur artists to draw and paint with pastels under the guidance of André Rios, a professional pastel artist.

Currently located in Apeldoorn.



Fine Art Giclée Prints

Fine art prints are meticulous reproductions of original artworks, striving to capture the essence and detail of the originals using high-quality printing techniques. They offer a more accessible way for art enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty of the original work, maintaining the artist's vision, colors, and textures.

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