"The Second Witness"

Soft Pastel | 50x70cm


We are all born at a specific time and unique location.
40.98440374249696, -8.596897204568844

At this time and place when looking East at the rising sun I found this portion of the sky over the horizon, from the East I drew a straight line up through Omega Orionis on the Orion constelation to one star called Aldebaran in Taurus constelation also known as the bull's eye.

So I centered this star on the light reflection on my right eye and the rest of the stars behind me.

The trash bag represents my rejection of lies, fake art and fake people. So I wear a trash bag inside out to keep myself clean.

In the piece there is myself inside a trash bag and wearing it inside out, there is the universe looking at you trough my right bull's eye and there is also a Big Red Button.