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Texture Workshop

Abstract textural art class

texture art contemporary painting modern arch workshop
textural art workshop creating texture with liquitex spatula

About the workshop

Do you want to create your own textured artwork?

The workshop is an experience where you will learn and create textured art step by step accompanied by a professional artist.

You have at your disposal and you can choose beforehand your own or your favourite reference from several reference photos that can be provided for the workshop but you can also have fun freestyling your texture at the moment.

You don't need to bring any material or have previous painting/drawing knowledge, the experience is suitable for beginners and even experienced artists will be able to find something new with value and inspiration.

This is more than an experience, it can even become your next passion!

If you enjoy art it doesn't matter what age or skill level you have, with my help you will create your own textured artwork that will impress everyone.


Time per session: 1:30h

Keep in mind that some textured paintings depending of the size and thickness may take from a couple of hours to a couple of days to dry/cure.


The Workshop can be made at different places by your request, for example in the hotel you're staying or in any public park or garden in the city of Figueira da Foz if the weather allows. If you have transportation, we can made a workshop at my home-studio near Parque das Abadias. Please write me a message if you want to confirm some details about the workshop or the location.

Cost per session: By request

The cost includes all the materials you need for the session.

- 2 Canvas of 20x20cm

- Professional texture paste

- Painting spatulas

- Mixing pigments (sand, cork, paint)

- Cleaning materials

After you complete your session you can choose to carefuly take your artwork with you and let it dry or if the workshop takes place at my home studio you can leave it there to dry and come a couple of days later to collect it already cured.

Below you can watch a presentation of my textural art collection.


It may take some time and atempts but anyone can make textured pieces like these and enjoy the texture creation experience. I'm happy to share every piece of knowledge that I gathered over my years of pratice and don't keep any secrets from my students.

If you're ready to start your texture art journey with me send me a message!

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