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But what is a pastel painting after all?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The soft pastel painting technique allows for unique results with the vivid, vibrant and luminous colors of pure pigment.

twix realistic drawing painting pastel pencils pitt pastel

Pastel technique and conservation overview

The end result leaves a velvet effect and a refined appearance. An ideal technique for painting expressive and lively portraits. There are pastel works that were painted in the 16th century that hold the same quality since the time they were painted. On this website you can order portraits or photo paintings that you like. Get in touch!

Subject ideas

Some options that we can create:

  • Pick 2 different photos and join 2 matching portraits

  • Edit small features like beard, hair color, etc...

  • Change or remove items

Do you have an original idea for a portrait? Let me know and maybe we can make it happen!


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