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Project for the Sála de João Sá Restaurant

We never know what might catch a collector's attention. João sent me a message to my textural art's Instagram account @andrerios-abstract and told me that a piece of mine had made him interested in my work.

golden spoon texture art contemporary painting modern

It was a piece that I created through experimentation in which I decided to apply a spoon on the canvas with textural paste and with golden paint I filled the spoon, placed the canvas to dry vertically and the golden paint dripping from the spoon onto the canvas.

It is not difficult to understand why a chef like João felt an affinity with this piece.

João has a restaurant in Lisbon on Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, Sála de João sá, listed in the Michelin guide.

We did a video call briefing and João told me about the concept of his restaurant and the vision he had in relation to the space he created to present his gastronomic creations. He needed to complement the restaurant with original art and he bet on me to develop 3 original textural pieces.

I was very inspired by the conversation I had with João, in addition to being a chef recognized by the Michelin guide, I felt that he had a poetic vision of what he does.

João left the creative process completely in my hands and I started the project.

pinturas arte textural para restaurante sala de joao sa

pinturas arte textural para restaurante sala de joao sa

I delivered these 3 pieces to the restaurant and helped with the assembly. I took the opportunity to document the process and take pictures of the final result!

Thank you João!