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Pastel conservation guide made easy.

Updated: Aug 22

Did you bought or are planning to buy your first pastel painting?

Do you worry about the conservation, care and longevity of the materials? Don't worry, I got you covered!

All you need to know to keep your painting in perfect conditions for a very long time is the following:

Pastel Painting Conservation guide infograph
Pastel Painting Conservation

Basicaly, if you have these 4 topics under control you will maintain the integrity of your pastel paintings for ages without any issues.

  • 1 - Keep the painting vertical. Tiny dust particles wont accumulate on the painting surface but will be at the bottom of the frame instead.

  • 2 - Don't keep your paintings under direct sunligh. Don't worry, your painting is not a vampire but under a long period of time the sun light will start to decompose the mineral pigments, some colors faster than others, so just avoid it and get a good artificial light to exhibit your artwork indoors.

  • 3 - Humidity. Not too low and not too high, the important thing to remember here is to avoid extreme variations as they can interfere with the adherence of the pigments.

  • 4 - Are you planning to pin it with magnets on your fridge? For pastel a frame with glass and passepartout is a must. You want to protect the artwork as best as you can.

And with these you are good to go. Your paintings will remain vivid and perfect for ages.