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Art, the cure for stress?

Updated: Aug 22

Nowadays we all recognize the value of art in our life. In this article we want to show you the true value of art, its positive effects on our mood and its potential to help improve our physical and mental health.

As an artist with 20+ years of experience in the visual arts, I want to share with you my story and present the method I created to help others not only find a new passion and unique hobby, but also unleash their creativity and eliminate stress. . But before that, do you want to know a little more about how art started to be linked to health and how the term “art therapy” was born?

workshop textural art finished piece with student

What is “art therapy”?

A palavra “arteterapia” envolve terapia com artes com objetivo de influenciar positivamente o estado psicoemocional. Apesar do facto que a “arteterapia” em alguns países é considerada como uma área de medicina, eu, sendo um artista, convido vocês a descobrirem um bocadinho mais sobre o assunto, para perceber como arte pode ser útil no dia a dia.


The word “art therapy” involves art therapy with the aim of positively influencing the psycho-emotional state. Despite the fact that “art therapy” in some countries is considered as an area of medicine, I, being an artist, invite you to discover a little more about the subject, to understand how art can be useful in everyday life.

How does it work?

The main objective of art therapy is to harmonize the mental state through the development of the capacity for self-expression and self-knowledge. This is made possible by the fact that we can use any form of art (painting, sculpture, dance, music, etc.) to symbolically express and explore a variety of feelings and emotions: love, hate, resentment, anger, fear, joy. .

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, the main mechanism of art therapy is sublimation.

The artistic process has also been proven to stimulate the creation of new neural pathways in the brain that improve the overall sense of well-being, prevent depression and even delay aging.

That's what doctors and psychologists say, but I, being an artist, would like to share my personal point of view. One thing I can guarantee is that while creating a work of art it is not possible to think about your problems and difficulties in life. Many people who have tried meditation complain that they are unable to concentrate and “clear their minds” of problems and negative thoughts. But in the case of creating texture art (which I'll talk about later) you won't be able to think about anything else but the process. That is, creating your painting in a natural way will enter that state of lightness and "empty mind" that many people look for in yoga and meditations, but do not always achieve.

In short. According to doctors and scientists, the process of creating art helps to process feelings and trauma, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. But without delving into medicine as an artist, I confirm that creating art allows us to be in the moment, organize ideas and transform not only the materials we use but also our minds.

My own experience

Since I was little, I have been a very sensitive person and art has always been my escape from negative environments. Discussions, confusions and fuss affected me more than other people but when I drew, painted or sculpted all that noise faded into the background as I created something new and the creation itself became my world.

I discovered that in the creation of art the process itself becomes an object of contemplation. The stroke, the brushstroke and the modeling of a texture are in themselves an expression of immeasurable grace and elegance that I can contemplate the moment it happens.

While creating textural works for my clients, my wife found the process interesting and wanted to experiment with creating textures. Having a very stressful job, linked to communication with many people, every day she got anxious and didn't know how to get rid of stressful situations that happen to each of us from time to time. She has tried yoga, meditation and many other things and nothing has worked out perfectly. What was the surprise when after making one texture, she asked to make another and another, saying that I was finally able to “forget about the problems and clear my mind”. So I discovered that textural art is not just a modern style of abstract art, but it is also a process that can help many people to be creative and release stress.

What is Textural Art?

Modeling paste is an exceptional material that, in addition to being extraordinarily versatile, allows you to make and remake textures for a long time without losing its plastic properties.

It is the fusion between painting and sculpture and after drying it can be not only contemplated but also felt with the hands. Sight and touch find a place to dialogue in these pieces of textural art.

textural art piece closeup painting texture arch

Texture art – my way of unleashing creativity and reducing stress

In my workshops you will create your original textural works, during the process you will feel what it is like to be creative while reducing stress and later these paintings will brighten up your home or even become a gift for someone special.

I want to point out some advantages of the textural art workshop:

1. There are no mistakes.

You can't go wrong creating textures, which is especially important if you're a perfectionist or afraid of making mistakes. If you don't like the result, just pass the spatula and start creating again.

This is an advantage of this process which is not possible with paints, oil, pencils and other media.

2. Make the most of the creative process.

In this workshop I will explain and present the basic techniques and instruments, showing different types of textures and different ways to create them. After that you will have complete freedom to create the piece that only you can make. Here there are no rules, no restrictions or steps you have to follow. So you will be able to enjoy the creative process to the fullest, you can listen to relaxing music or talk to your friends, colleagues or relatives - here nothing can stop us and I will always be by your side to help if necessary. I will also provide you with all the necessary materials (such as gloves, aprons, etc.) to ensure that the workshop will not spoil your outfit and your positive state of mind.

3. Take the painting home.

The price of some textural paintings can reach tens of thousands of euros, depending on the size or complexity. Textured art is in vogue and sought after all over the world, but you'll be able to take your painting home (or receive it in the mail) after it dries, at no extra cost.

Reduce stress, unleash creativity, receive positive emotions during the workshop and at the end take your work of art with you.

4. Everyone can participate.

The textural art has no limits and anyone, regardless of age, health condition and level of preparation can participate. Remember that there are no mistakes here, so everyone is welcome.

Create with me!

I am the first and at the moment the only artist in Portugal who is creating textural art workshops.

Why do I do this?

Because I believe that art can change life, it can give positive emotions and reduce the stress that we cannot avoid in our daily lives. Yes, we cannot avoid stress, but I invite you to transform it into something beautiful and unique. Unleash your creativity and create a textural work of art with me!

Do you accept the invitation?