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"A New Dawn" Modular Art

"A New Dawn" was a modular textural art project I developed for a collector in which I used 12 small textural paintings as a base and finished the piece with a striking color palette based on Cy Twombly's work and style.


This collector who had already acquired several of my works contacted me with a new idea she had in mind and we talked a little bit about her vision and how I could help her bring it to life.

She was very fond of the works of a renowned artist named Cy Twombly of which she had a framed print that was reproduced from a photo she had taken herself at an exhibition.

As this artist's original paintings can only be found at auctions and sold for a few tens of thousands of Euros, print was the best solution at the time, but as she liked my textural artworks, she decided to propose this new idea.

The 12 small 20x20cm textures fit perfectly into it's 60x80cm frame and as I had already developed prototype for modular paintings, the idea was fairly easy to execute.

We chose together the best textures for this piece and collected some references from Cy Twombly's style and color palette.

With everything I needed, I started the work.

And this was the final result!

I was very happy with the final result and my collector as well.

In her own words:

"André is a very nice person and great artist. I'm very happy with the works I bought from him.

He also did one work according to my wish: integrating 12 small (already existing) canvases with a larger structure and an altering new finish! Result: Fabulous" - Ursula Borloz

Thank you Ursula!