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Conditions for private lessons

Thank you for your interest in learning Pastel painting! In order for our cooperation to be fruitful and effective, I would like to provide you with information about my approach to classes and important rules for conducting them.

My goal is to help you learn Pastel painting in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. During the classes, I adapt the program to the speed and personal characteristics of each student, while you can always openly discuss with me all your concerns, wishes, and we can change the intensity of the classes if necessary.

My values ​​within the lessons

  • Respect - without this element our classes will not be possible.

  • Diffuse changes - mastering Pastel painting is possible only with progressive study, discipline and taking time practising. Therefore, I do not promise that you will master the techniques in a short period of time.

  • Responsibility is 50-50 - this means that on my part I undertake to do my job in teaching in the best possible way, and you, as a student, undertake to do your 50%, which you can read about below.

I ask students to keep in mind the following mandatory elements:

  • Respect and punctuality. Please be polite, punctual and keep track of the lesson time, which cannot exceed the time limit we have agreed upon.

  • Bring your own materials. I will check your current supplies and will let you know what materials you will need to get for our lessons. Always bringing your own materials is required. If you didn't bring your materials you won't be able to have a practical lesson and we will only be having a theory class.


  • Doing homework. This is a mandatory element of work within the framework of classes. I have the right to check their completion and if homework is not completed properly, then I have the right to terminate our lessons due to failure to comply with this point.

  • Completing assignments during personal classes, calmly accepting corrections, and working from the feedback I provide. During the lesson, I will select tasks to best practice the topic in your particular case, and I will also often correct you, because... we can only learn by accepting and paying attention to mistakes. Refusal to complete assignments, to take notes, to use materials/textbooks recommended by me, or negative reaction to corrections will make my work impossible and our classes will be terminated immediately when such a precedent occurs.

  • Pay on time and adhere to the lesson cancellation policy. Because I work on a prepaid basis and reserve my time for a lesson with you, then all lessons must be paid at least one week (7 days) before they take place. If you have an unexpected situation and need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, this can be done up to 3 days before the lesson without loss of payment. If you cancel/reschedule a lesson less than 3 days before our lesson, the payment will not be refunded.

Please read the rules above carefully, and if you do not agree with at least one of the points, I recommend finding another teacher who will suit you best in all respects.


Also, I believe that positive results can only be achieved when the student and teacher work as one team, with a positive attitude, respect and a 50/50 division of responsibility.


That is why I reserve the right to stop our classes at any time when I feel disrespect, a negative atmosphere in the lesson, or record failure to comply with one of the points listed above. Moreover, if such a situation occurs during the lesson, I will call it out, and we will stop the lesson at the same moment.


If in this case you have prepaid lessons, I will return the full cost (excluding bank commission) of lessons not yet completed within 3 working days using the details that you provide me for the return.


You also have the right to stop our classes at any time.


If you decide to look for another teacher with a different approach to lessons, then I fully support you in this and wish you good luck!

If you agree with following the rules, have a positive attitude and are confident of a positive result, then I am happy to see you at the first lesson!

Thank you very much and good luck!

André Rios

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