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About My Design Work

I studied at 3 different Art and Design Universities and courses, from product and comunication design to fine arts.

I'm very passionate about learning new skills, new software and keeping myself updated with the latest technologies such as AI.

I strive to keep developing my artistic and graphic design skills and keep up to date with the most relevant technologies available today such as Artificial Inteligence. With my expertise in traditional art, 3D, AI and graphic design I can create superior and faster designs with accurate geometry, perspective, composition and with a specific vision and intention in mind to maximize the experience of the consumer/user.

From all of the different software programs that I work with, there are a few that I use frequently:


- Photoshop

- InDesign

- XD
- Illustrator

- Lightroom

- Premiere Pro

3D Design
- Solidworks
- Cinema4D


- Midjourney AI

Shoe Ad

AI Design


These are some AI assisted Design pieces that I developed.

The technology is reaching a new turning point and it's crucial for any designer with a vision to keep on top of the wave as the new technologic revolution unfolds.

Logo Design


These are some Logo Design pieces that I developed as a freelance designer.

From product and service companies to music bands logos and branding.

Unfortunately a large part of my early works can't be displayed because they are under NDA.