About My Design Work

I studied at 3 Art and Design Universities, from product and comunication design to fine arts.

I'm very passionate about learning new skills, new languages and different cultures.

I strive to keep developing my graphic design skills as well as my understanding of 3D building, rendering of objects and scenes. So, the artworks and designs that I create come from the point of view of an ecletic artist.

From all of the different software programs that I work with, there are a few that I use more frequently:

Shoe Ad

Adobe - Image/video edit

- Photoshop
- Illustrator

- Lightroom

- Premiere Pro

3D Modeling/rendering
- Solidworks
- StudioMax 3D
- Cinema4D
- Zbrush
- Adobe Audition
- Cakewalk
- Logic pro

Graphic Design


These are some Graphic Design pieces that I developed as a freelance designer.

From product and service companies to music bands logos and branding.

Unfortunately a large part of my early works can't be displayed because they are under NDA.

3D Modeling and Rendering


These are a few of the wine cap designs I've built for Amorim Cork.


Created with Solidworks and rendered in Cinema 4D with Vray.

3d tec.jpg

Image Editing


Background removal, color adjustment, composition...I just love Photoshop.


Digital Painting


From characters to conceptual enviroment design.