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Each house and space is unique and created with specific concepts and goals, as well as paintings that complement and enhance the interior design.


As environment creators we create physical and visual comfort. According to the needs we design, change, adapt and collaborate with our technical specialties to create art.


Hi! My name is André, I'm a Portuguese artist and this is one of the styles I work on.

Textural abstract art.

This modern language of textural art fits easily into modern interior design and brings more to the walls than just decoration. They are unique pieces of art that lie between painting and sculpture and the textures can pronounce organic or geometric shapes.

Textures can be combined with various materials such as mineral pigments, golden foil and even small objects can be incorporated into these pieces.

Below you can see a collection of several of my original textures that I can replicate/incorporate on a big canvas or inspire your ideas for a commission painting.


New collection

"Tones Of The Spirit"

My recent ongoing collection "Tones of the Spirit" is about intuition into the unknown.

I believe that many of us have this feeling, that although the world around us seem to be in some kind of chaos without any certainty, there is also within us a sense of comfort and trust in the universe.

The future is always unknown but as long as we trust the universe we will be hopefull and open to love.

These small squared 20x20cm textures can also be arranged together on my modular structures with a floating frame.

Other size modules and formats can also be created for your commission.

modular frame texture artwork modern contemporary art
modular frame texture artwork modern contemporary art

But you may want some more expressive colors in your space so the modular paintings can also be further customized with color.


This one below was a commission inspired by Cy Twombly colors and style and with the modular textures base I achieved this new original look unlike any other artwork I've seen. You can watch a video timelapse of my process here.

Maybe you have an idea and you want to make it into an artwork, let me know and I'm sure I can make something cool and interesting for you!

Let's talk about your project. Send me a message!

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